Alana Cristante

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Why film photography?

Film photography is the diary you never wrote. Somewhere the moment lives captured; it's hard to tell which roll of film came from which day. You forget what you had. Film is about patience and sacrificing instant gratification.

Film is risky; sometimes you take a meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime photo, gambling on whether it will turn out or not. Sometimes it does, other times it doesn't.

When all is said and done, and you finally develop what you have, laying eyes on it for the first time in picture form, it feels victorious. You're brought back to that moment, reminded of a memory you easily would have forgotten.

Film is expensive and limited; you're cautious with each and every exposure. You think about it first. It's a thoughtful and considerate form of art. You manoeuver the camera, trying to make each shot distinct, unique. Film connects you to the bare bones of photography, back to what is conventional, back to what is mechanical. Back to the extent of effort that had to be invested to preserve a moment in picture.